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Hello My Friends,

As you may know, every year  there is a SpringForestQiGong Healingfest offered by LearningStrategies in collaboration with SpringForest QiGong.

The Healingfest is actually starting  in a few hours, today.

But  it is not too late to hop on the train and listen to the free teleseminars.

Even if your health is perfect, you may learn many things that you can apply right away.

QiGong is good for almost everyt condition.. You may be tired, or anxious or emotional, do some qigong exercises and you will feel fine again.

Sign up now for free, you can still listen to all teachings which will last until next Saturday.


QiGong is an ancient Chinese method that has helped thousands of people not only in its original country but over the whole world to get in a better shape, to be more relaxed, to be more confident and to be  healthier.

I myself have been using SpringForestQigong now for more than 10 years and I do it every single day. As Chunyi Lin, the Chinese Master  who developed this method for the Western world, says, 5 (five !) minutes a day can bring great results.

Learn how to implement them into your daily routine and you will be happy you did it.


Sign up now, it’s free:


All the best

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