Is Your Self-Talk Positive or Negative?

Today I would like to say something about self-talk. We all know that self-talk happens continuously.It is important that it does happen.We should know that self-talk can be helpful if it is positive. We can build up our self-esteem.We can help heal ourselves. We can build our way of living. We can build our future. We can build our profession. We can live our daily life in a pleasant way, even if there are challenges.We can do a lot of helpful things. Just by using the right words in our self-talk.

Do we really do this? Ask yourself this question: do I do this? You will probably be deceived by what your self-talk is about: I am not able to do this; who can I trust? I’m sick and will never get better. There is no future. I hate my job. I’m going to lose my job. Nobody can help me. and so on and so forth. So, what do you think is best to do? How do you stop negative self-talk? Listen to your self-talk as if you were another person.

You will get aware of its negative impact on you.You will want to change it. You will find a way to do so.Get rid of negative words. One by one. Change negative sentences into positive ones. Don’t think that you can do it in a short time.It w ill take time, but it is worth doing it. It becomes a new way of thinking and of self-talking. You will see the results. They are better than what you thought them to be. Go on doing it and don’t look back. It is for your better living, for your getting rid of anxiety and stress.

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