Is it Wrong to Feel Anxiety?

If almost everyone feels anxiety, does that mean that all people are problematic?
The straight answer is: “no”.

Anxiety is amoral, it is neither right nor wrong. As you do not choose to have anxiety – it just comes! – you cannot be accused of full (partial, maybe) responsibility for producing anxiety in your life. Anxiety does not come bidden, it is instinctual. There are things that we do, however, that maintain or intensify anxiety in our lives.

In fact, anxiety may be considered as a normal reaction to potential danger. Anxiety is a signal that there is the possibility of harm ahead, and that we have to protect ourselves either by fighting (facing the problem ahead on) or by fleeing (avoiding the problem)
As an instinct, it is likely something had been passed to us socially and/or genetically by our ancestors. You can imagine then that certain fears and anxieties have helped our forefathers survive. An appropriate fear of wild animals had probably helped them live without getting eaten alive.
An appropriate fear of getting separated from the family – what scientists now call as separation anxiety for babies – kept young kids from going hungry when left to fend for themselves alone.These fears have kept the human race alive.
The same goes with us today: Imagine a situation where we are not afraid of dangerous things! We would just head on to high-risk situations with little regard for ourselves or the potential harm that may come to the ones around us.
When then can we consider anxiety as problematic? There are three primary ways: when the anxiety is inappropriate, when the anxiety is too much, and when the anxiety is chronic and recurring.
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