Is It Fear or Anxiety?

Although the symptoms are often similar, the two feelings are different one from the other. Fear is related to real things, persons. Anxiety is abstract. It pops up out of the blue. It involves not only the feelings but also the body. It comes up with a fear of dying on the spot, pounding heart, grasping for air, feeling of empty head trembling and many other frightening feelings. These physical signs can vary a lot and often depend on the person. After an anxiety attack, the person is often exhausted. Usually, the strength comes back within a short time.

Fear sneaks up in front of illness, of exams,of a flight, of a trip, of something tangible. It often cannot be controlled even if the person knows that this fear is unrealistic.That probably everything will be solved, that there is no real problem. Fear can be overcome more easily than anxiety. If it has not become chronic already, it can be “talked away” because it has not roots. Sometimes, the feeling which is presented as “fear” is not fear. It is insecurity.This feeling might have deep roots. In most cases it goes back to our earliest age.

The same thing can be said of anxiety. In most cases something happened while we were young or even very young. When it happened, we could not know that it would be ruling our life In any case we did not think that it would h ave such an impact on every aspect of our life. As adults we wonder why we suffer in such a way.

But as adults we are also capable of finding our way out of this sufferance. There are many ways: not all may be for everyone. However,we can choose the one which suits us best.The most important thing is to take action.Whatever you do, it’s better than doing nothing. Next time I will talk about a method I find quite amazing. Be on the outlook for my next post.

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