How to Strengthen Your Eyes

Your eyes are very important. What would you do if you hadn’t got the eyelight? We usually do not think about it although we are using them daily and sometimes we are using them even too much. Especially if you work on a computer, your  eyes can get very tired. Tired eyes are also a source of stress and sometimes of anxiety, especially when driving in the dark.

However, you should keep your eyes  in good health.

There are many ways to do it. It is a daily task.

There are various aspects  to  take into consideration. All of them are important.

1st) Keep your eyes clean. Wash them simply with clean water. Be careful if you use make up for your eyes. Take it off thoroughly before going to sleep.

2nd) Cover your eyes when the sun is shining. Bright light is no good for your eyes. It can even be a stress. Sunglasses are the answer.

3rd) Did you know that nutrition influences  your eyes?

If you eat carrots, you give your eyes the important vitamin A. Eyes like it. One important thing you should consider: when eating vitamin A containing food, there must always be some fat, be it oil or butter. Vitamin A needs fat. It is soluble in fat. Butter adds some vitamin A  too. Egg-yolks and milk contain vitamin A, the same do dark green leaf vegetables. You see there are plenty of sources to get this vitamin without the need of supplements.

4th) There are some exercises that you can do to strengthen your eyes.

The first and most known is certainly the palming of your eyes. You rub your palms together until they are very warm and then  cover your eyes. These may be open or closed, it doesn’t really matter. Feel how the warmth gets into your  eyes. You can improve the influence of your palms by saying that the energy completely  penetrates your eyes and that it fully regenerates them.

Then you massage the inner end and the outer end of your eyebrows three times each on both eyes. You then massage the point on the bone just below your eyes and the point at the inner end of your eyes. Each  point should gently  be massaged  three times. You repeat the whole cycle seven times. The massage is very soft, but you will feel its beneficial effect on the eyes.

You can add  another point on both eyes. It is located at the center  between your eyebrows.

You can repeat these massages various times during the day.  A simple way to keep your eyes in good health.

This text is an excerpt from my new ebook on how to preserve and regain your eyesight. In this new  ebook I will give you a wealth of tips on how to treat your eyes   to  maintain their health and improve their strength. The advice will cover nutrition, exercises and meditation.  You will soon find it on Be on the lookout for it.



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