How to Optimize Your Experience of Life


Do you have a desire to integrate your spiritual life with your worldly life, but struggle to sustain that connection as you engage with the busy-ness of the day?


In our fast paced modern world, it is easy to lose touch with our most essential connection.  But the downside to losing this connection is we also miss out on the profound wisdom and peace that is available to us when we remember how to live from spirit.


If you’d like to discover how to stay more connected more of the time – no matter what your life brings – I’d like to introduce you to Joey Klein.


Joey is emerging as a global voice perfect for right now – a time when so many of us are seeking a kind of “grounded” and practical alignment with spirit.


He is the kind of teacher who can blend both our spiritual-self with the worldly-self into a seamless whole, and I’m thrilled to invite you to his free teleseminar hosted by The Shift Network, “Navigating Your Inner Matrix: 3 Keys to Harness Your Spiritual Power & Optimize Your Experience of Life.”


Reserve your free seat here:


Joey specializes in helping you master your inner matrix –  the constellation of beliefs, habits of mind, and deeper structures of consciousness that create your reality – and in this special one-hour event, he will teach you how to combine the ancient wisdom traditions of East and West with the latest science in genetics, psychology, and brain function, to live a life fueled by your soul.


During this special call event, you’ll:

  • Gain an understanding of what your inner matrix is and how it defines your current experience of life
  • Learn tools to break free of limiting mental, emotional and physical patterns
  • Understand how to step into deeper connection with others
  • Begin to experience daily life as an expression of your soul’s essence

Whether your motivation is a deeper connection in relationships, aligned performance in the workplace, or making a profound contribution through service, this event will provide a path to living a fully connected life.


Register here (it’s FREE) and you will receive a link to the recording if you can’t make the scheduled call:


PS: Don’t miss your chance to experience Joey Klein as he shares how you cantransform your life by shifting deep mental, emotional and physical patterns that create stress and limit success.


His practices facilitate radical transformation, which is not only spiritual but also mind, emotion and body-based.  Learn more and claim your free seat here:





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