How to Live a Healthier Life

Check all your daily activities. Do they require movement? Are you doing a  sedentary job? Do you personally look after your garden? Do you have a dog that you walk every day?

Start to make a list of your daily physical activities. If you see that you are not having much movement, just include some. It is easy to walk the stairs. If you live high up in your building, start to climb two stairs  and then go further every week. If you cover at least 8 , you are doing well.  At first you will feel your breath  increase and your heart rate go up. That is even good. Your heart gets a training and after some weeks, you will be going up your stairs without having to stop to breathe and to calm your heart. If you have a dog, walk him 5 minutes longer than you are doing right now. If you go to work by bus or by train, get off a bit earlier and walk a few minutes more. There are many ways to move your body. Walking is a simple way but it is helpful. If you have a garden, you can move more muscles than just by walking.  Everything is  more healthy than just sitting all day long and watching television from your couch in the evening.

As far as your eating habits are concerned, you can make a list of them. If you eat little veggies and even less fruit, please do add them to your daily menu.  You can buy deep-frozen veggies that are already prepared and that are fresh. Sometimes the goods in the shop are no longer fresh and lose their content of   vitamins.

If you have to lose weight,  it is even more important that you cut on calories and add fresh fruits and veggies. Be you overweight or normal weight, French fries and the like should not be on your menu every day.

Watch your drinking water. Add some glasses of water every day. Water is better than anything else. It helps you to cleanse your body and makes you feel better.

You see, you do not have to make big changes in your daily life. A few small changes can greatly add to your wellbeing. You will feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Movement and eating habits influence your general state more than you may be aware of. Do yourself a favor and add some movement and fresh greeneries to your daily habits.

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