How to Heal Yourself



Are you able to heal yourself? Many people are certainly skeptical regarding  this affirmation. But we all know that there are many ways to help oneself.

In the Western World we are now re-exploring ways that have been known to the Eastern World for thousand of years. These ways are mostly based on the  human being itself or on Nature in general.

Your mind can heal your body. How is this? In fact, your mind is very powerful. Together with your mind, it is your focus that helps you to heal yourself.

If you focus on a positive thought, you increase your possibility of achieving just that thing you are focusing on. As many say: thoughts become things.

Positive thoughts become  positive things, that is, your health can only improve.

Master Chunyi Lin, the founder and developer of SpringForestQiGong has given already many examples on how true this statement is.

To show you how you can improve your health and heal yourself, he is going to offer again the SpringForesQtiGong Fest. For six days on a row,  he is going to explain you how you can reach your perfect health.

In fact, the SpringForestQiGongFest will be offered from November 12 on. For six days you can listen to  lessons on how you too can reach perfect health and many other positive changes in your life.

I heartily  recommend you listen to these teachings. They are offered free of charge. The host is LearningStrategies Corporation who, together with Master Chunyi Lin,  has produced the home study course of SpringForestQiGong.

You can listen in for almost 24 hours every single day. You can also listen to the same lesson various times. By doing so, you will gain major profit   because you will be able to  immediately use what you are taught.

You can enroll here:

I have been using this method every single day since I was first introduced to it in late 2004.

I used to have colds quite often. Since I started studying SpringForestQiGong, I haven’t had any single cold. I used to have migrarne as well, they have gone for good.

I had eye surgery and got a complete healing thanks to SpringForestQiGong. I have many friends as well as  students that have enjoyed healing. not only from colds, but many of them  from extremely  serious illness. One of them was diagnosed terminal cancer but she survived and is doing fine.

There are many reasons to learn the method called SpringForestQiGong. You will discover them by enrolling here:

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