How powerful is SpringForestQiGong?

I have just had a confirmation when I assisted how Master Chunyi Lin treated my friend. In fact, she presented a serious infection, a toe of her left foot was dark red, nearly purple in color and it all looked very dangerous. While working on that toe, Master Lin had opened the gate to the pus initiating thus the healing process. What he did so quickly can be learned by anybody. By trusting yourself, you trust the Universe and let the energy flow. With that energy you are able to open the channels and remove any blockage. You can do this on yourself or help others to heal. This was an impressive demonstration that SFQ qigong is really powerful. Then three friends of mine offered me a healing.

They had seen that I had an aching shoulder. I was happy to accept their offer and their healing was also very immediate and powerful. I am so thankful to know these loving people and this method that really can help so many people.

By the way, Master Chunyi Lin will join 4 monks and they all together will chant for the benefit of mother earth and all beings. You can join them and meditate together with them on March 31  and April 1 and 2. Follow the link below and enroll for the listening in. It is free of charge. It will help you on your way whatever your challenge may be.

Click here for register for FREE Access to Sacred Chanting Event

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