Gratitude is an Attitude


How does  this sound to you? Have you integrated gratitude into your life? I don’t mean that you  say thanks if somebody gives you a gift.

That is a conditional gratitude  although certainly heartfelt in that moment.

However, there is a way that means to include gratitude into your daily life, to live by gratitude.

I will explain immediately what I mean by that. You can live your life by default.  You get up, have breakfast, go to work, meet friends or family, eat again,  go to sleep and that’s it.

You may even love your life without ever thinking of gratitude, without ever thinking that life itself is a gift. But such a life is empty.

You can add some pleasant moments, do things you like, or do things you even love or you are passionate about. That gives color to your life. However, this is still not the life I am talking about.

Gratitude as I intend it, is a state of mind, it is something that accompanies you everywhere, in every step you take, in every word you say, in every bite you eat,  in every breath you take.

Yes, because think of this: every bite you eat has a story behind.

Take a salad. Where did it grow, who took care of it? Who cut it and washed it? Who wrapped it up? Who took it to the shop? Who sold it to you?  All the people behind a salad do their work, and first of all, nature gifts the seed and  grows the salad, to start with. You may say that this all natural .

Yes, it is natural, but it is a miracle.

If you give thank to every person involved in how you receive your salad, you transform every negative energy that might have come along with your salad, into a positive one. What you put into your mouth will be beneficial to you.

Obviously, this is just an example, but you can extend this gratitude to all areas of your life. You can simply think of it and feel the gratitude in your heart.

I can assure you that this exercise will change your life. You will look at life differently. Everything will appear in a different light. You will no longer take  everything for granted.

I know that you cannot change your way of thinking in a day. It takes time, but it is well worth doing it. Once you have integrated this approach into you life, you will live with great joy. I guarantee that you will see a big difference. And, of course, anxiety will no longer have a place in your life.


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