Forgiveness – Does it Really Matter?

Once again, when we experience the emotions that occur from low self esteem, it is not unusual to feel a though a small problem is more important than it is. This type of behavior pattern occurs often with things like blame and grudges. Many times when a mistake is made, we feel as though someone has wronged us, and we hold on to that anger and sadness for a long, long time.

But ask yourself – is it worth the emotion? Did the event that lead up to your sadness matter enough that you should continue to hold anger and resentment (two negative emotions) long after the problem occurred?.

Practice proactive forgiveness by recognizing that in the grand scheme of life, these things do not matter, and that you should not let it continue to affect you where there are so many other things you can be enjoying. Once you are able to appreciate the things around you and forgive those that have wronged you, you will experience a boost of self esteem that will have you enjoying your life once again.

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