Feng Shui and Anxiety

Feng Shui is much more powerful than what is usually thought. It can, and mostly does, influence your overall health and your anxiety.
Why so? Feng Shui is the expression of how you have arranged your living space.
It can support you or it can debilitate you. It can increase your well being and or it can increase your anxiety. During or before the holiday season, you have to do so many things but you have got little time.
Does this sound familiar?
In such a situation, Feng Shui is even more important. You better find every way and means that supports you and keeps anxiety and panic away from you.
This means for example to declutter your home. An important passway is your entrance. When the energy gets stuck or stopped at the entrance of your home, your feng shui is disturbed. But not only your Feng Shui, it is the flow of energy that is disturbed and that affects directly your well being or your exposure to anxiety and panic attacks.
In other words, if you keep your entrance and hall way clear and tidy, your anxiety will mount less often or it will stay away completely.
Think of this for a moment. There are many ways to reduce anxiety. One of them is to keep clean your entrance.and hall.
A second important pointis electricity. If you have electrical or electronic devices in your home, make sure that the wires and cables are intact. If they are not, have them repaired.
Uncontrolled electricity contributes to your anxiety.
The space in your bedroom is essential. Keep all clutter out of your bedroom. Do not store electronic devices in your bedroom.
TV-sets and computers should not be kept in your bedroom. Their radiations are no good for you, whether you suffer from anxiety or not.
It is not good in any case. It might disturb your sleep or simply “play” on your nervous system. If it attacks your nervous system, you might suffer from headaches, migraines, joint aches or other pains.
These few pieces of advice can help you to live a pleasant holiday season. Actually, they go beyond. They help you to live a better life in general.
If you observe these few little steps, you can drastically reduce any anxiety. You can cut off headaches, migraines, various pains that may show up together with your anxiety.
It is actually easy to live a less stressful life. You just have to stick to some fundamentally important points.
I think you will agree that keeping your home tidy, and free from electrical waste and other disturbing energies, you may live a better life, you will sleep better, wake up more refreshed and face life in a different way.
You do not have to live in the forest to be calm. It takes little to create the environment that supports you instead of disturbing you.
Go through your apartment and find out what might disturb you. Eliminate it and your feng shui becomes much better. Together with your Feng Shui, you will feel that your life gets easier. When you live in harmony with your environment, you will get more out of life.

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