Do You Know All of Your Excuses?

Probably not. I will tell you why. We have all be brought up with ideas that seem to be logical and completely fit into our daily life. Except for the fact that they are mere excuses. Why? Do you believe all what you were told as a kid? Do you believe that a flu belongs to the winter season? Do you believe that  it is normal  to get sick.  Do you believe that getting old and showing it on your face is “normal”? Do you believe that anger is  normal when you are upset? Do you think to get upset is normal? Do you think that there really exist  incurable diseases?

You see, all these beliefs are mere excuses. They are used by everybody and explain why we get sick, why we have to die for “uncurable” diseases, why we get angry, why we get wrinkles, and so on and so forth.

Our daily life is based on these beliefs and excuses, whether we admit it  or not. Most of them are not  conscious., but we can bring them into our consciousness.

If you start to observe your language, you will notice that many of the sentences you pronounce do not mirror your true self. Who is your true self, you may ask? One thing you can be sure of is that your body is not your true self. In fact, your body is the vehicle  that allows  you to manifest your true self. Many  of the affirmations we use and which are excuses, are referred to our body but not all of them, however. Some are referred to your emotions, to how you feel.

Fortunately, our false beliefs can be changed as life is not static. It depends on us whether we are willing to change or whether we prefer to stay with the beliefs that don’t help us move forward.

One easy way to  change  your beliefs and to become your “Ultimate You”, is listening to next weeks’ calls offered by Learning Strategies during the Ultimate You Mindfest

. As you may know, they are complementary. They will start on Monday, March 18. As usual, they are available for a whole day to listen to. Paul Scheele,   has created 7 new paraliminals that help you change your beliefs. It is powerful stuff, I can assure you.

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