Do You Want to Erase Pain and Stress?

Chunyi Lin’s

Spring Forest Healingfest

A free online event   to…
Erase pain, stress, and sickness   from your body


Dear Friends,

If you suffer from any pain,   disease, fatigue, stress, or the effects of aging, you may have just found   the answer you’ve been searching for thanks to a system of healing called   “Spring   Forest Qigong

created by Qigong master and healer, Chunyi Lin.

Back by popular demand, the  very same program that has helped a quarter of a million people unlock

inner   health, healing, natural beauty, higher energy, and happiness will be  available free over the

Internet. For six days only. Beginning November 12.

Here are just a few of the many   problems that have been helped through this system:

  •   General pain: neck, shoulder, lower back, knee, arthritis, joints
  •   Migraine headaches, sinus problems, allergies
  •   Weight control, high cholesterol, and digestion problems
  •   Hearing or sight problems
  •   Female or male organ problems
  •   Kidney or liver dysfunction
  •   Strokes
  •   Diabetes and high blood sugar
  •   Gall or kidney stones
  •   Heart disease, high blood pressure, and circulation problems
  •   Depression
  •   Cancers
  •   Lung problems
  •   Autoimmune dysfunction such as AIDS and lupus
  •   Mental disorders: anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, panic   attacks, addictions, obsessive/compulsive disorder, hyperactivity, dyslexia

When you get your Free Pass   today, you can listen to 10 professionally produced audio sessions

(all up to   30 minutes long) and watch two video sessions (about 60 minutes) absolutely   free. It is

designed to help you learn the art of self-healing so that you   can immediately feel better, have much

 more energy, and be happy.


Qigong is an ancient Chinese   practice. It works with your body’s energy, which is called “Qi” or  

“chi.” As Richard Gerber, M.D., puts it, “…by moving Qi   through the body, you can heal yourself of

many ailments.”

Bill Manahan, M.D., from the University   of Minnesota Medical School said, “I would place Qigong

equal in   importance to the incredible discoveries in the forties called antibiotics   and in the fifties

 called immunizations.”

You can learn Qigong online   free during six days in November.

Please get your Free Pass   today, and forward this email to your friends. The Spring Forest

Healingfest is our gift to the world. It is   absolutely free, and we would like you to share it with as

many people as   possible including health practitioners and people who could use healing.

To your health and well-being!


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