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I’m so excited because tomorrow is the start of one of the biggest and most important Enneagram-related online events ever: The Enneagram Global Summit.


This free event features a stellar roster of luminaries who have paved the way – and who are continuing to forge an incredible future for the world – using the powerful wisdom encoded in this ancient system.


Speakers include Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer, David Daniels, A. H. Almaas, Dr. Dan Siegel, James Flaherty and many more – all brought together by your masterful and deep host, Jessica Dibb.


== >  You can sign up for free here:  < ==


I love how this event is creating unity among the schools of the Enneagram. If you’re committed to living a healthy, whole, abundant and sacred way of life – or if you are committed to helping others on this path – this summit offers a cornucopia of insight and inspiration for you.


It’s a time to draw sustenance from your global community, and truly celebrate the oneness of life as you deepen in your understanding of our beautiful diversity.


== >  Register now:  < ==


Really looking forward to seeing you there!


In service,




P.S. The Enneagram Global Summit is a truly unique gathering of the best Enneagram wisdom on the planet! FREE! We hope you’ll join us…



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