Debt into Wealth

This is a courtesy reminder that the free Debt into Wealth Mindfest begins on February 9…and your first session is ready for you right now.
You will learn how to simply and safely invest the money that you’ve been spending on debt payments each month so that you can achieve financial independence.
Over one million people have already listened, and now it is your turn:

I’s a system that puts you
back in control!
During the Debt into Wealth Mindfest, you will get free access to a groundbreaking system. You will be introduced to an easy, proven method for getting rid of debt and building enough wealth so you can retire several years earlier than the average person.
You will learn:
• How to save thousands of your hard-earned dollars when buying insurance.
• How to stop car dealers from picking your pockets.
• Why it can actually be a bad idea to save a little money each month.
• Why you won’t worry about your credit rating.
• Why mortgage interest deductibility is the “tax shelter” lie.
• How to calculate exactly when you’ll be completely out of debt and when you’ll be able to retire.
• How to redefine the “American Dream” to fit your personal vision of success and happiness.
• How to achieve a sense of inner peace and happiness about money that you’ve only dreamed about.
• And much more!
No gimmicks. No nonsense.
This is not about budgets and tracking where every penny goes. It is not about complex terms, mathematics, or record-keeping.
It is a straight-line, debt elimination system that will show you how to mass your income into a debt-destroying army.
It’s all possible during the upcoming Debt into Wealth Mindfest,beginning on February 9. FREE FOR YOU!
It starts by claiming your Free Pass and listening to your first session right now.
Feel free to pass this email onto your friends. Let’s give everyone a chance to join in.
For your personal best,

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