Clear Vision and Anxiety

Clear vision is something that you can acquire and that helps you to get done whatever you want to do. It also helps you to set goals and to pursue them. You cannot purchase clear vision but you can work on yourself to get to clear vision.

If you want to get over and out of anxiety, you certainly need this tool. You can start to  use it in a simple way. Write down everything that comes to your mind and that is related to your anxiety. This means in particular things like food, or people, places, situations that cause you anxiety.

Then write down whatever comes to your mind what it is that causes you the anxiety. What is in  the “thing”,in  the “food”, in the “place”, in the “people”, the “situations” that causes you anxiety. Are there certain noises? Is it too loud? Is it too hot, too cool, is the air too sticky? and so on.

Once you are done with this research, you can try to understand why these aspects create anxiety. For example: can you stand loud noise in company of other people? Does it bother you when you are alone? Is is worse when you are in a big town? when you are in a closed environment, like public transportation means where you cannot escape.

All these questions can also be the solutions. You can find out what causes the most and what the least anxiety. Having found out what causes the most anxiety, is a big step toward a clear vision. It is also a big step toward overcoming anxiety.

You can now clearly see what triggers your anxiety. As you cannot wrap up in cotton wool to protect yourself against what causes anxiety, the best is to face it. How? Learn about the hows and download quickly my ebook at

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