Beyond startup overwhelm in your transformational business

I don’t know whether you are interested in building a business or not. In any case, I think this webinar could be interesting for you even if you have no business because it is talking about heart centering whatever you do.
If your dream is to build a successful business that transforms the world in a positive way, I’m excited to invite you to join entrepreneur, heart-centered business coach and master Sufi teacher Mark Silver for a free virtual seminar Saturday, August 22 at 10:00am Pacific.

Mark, a fourth-generation entrepreneur and Sufi spiritual teacher, will share key strategies for creating a transformational business that aligns profit with the integrity of the heart!

Beyond Startup Overwhelm: How to Artfully Navigate the Demands of your New Transformational Business is absolutely free and will help you minimize stress and maximize your impact, as you start and grow a business that reflects your passion and unique mission.

Learn more and register here:

The truth is that creating a successful transformational business requires a unique skill set, one that is strategically aligned, honest, passionate and grounded. Mark has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs and will show you how to combine nuts-and-bolts business knowledge with spiritual principles so that you can create a business that’s profitable AND based on love.

In this seminar you’ll learn:

• The four stages of business development.
• How to recognize where you are in the startup cycle so you know how to set your priorities for less struggle and greater results.
• Practices to identify the core skills that you must learn versus those that can be outsourced (or are just a passing fad).

Join me in participating in this insightful and practical seminar!

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