Barbara Marx Hubbard Reveals New Master Codes


This Saturday January 18th,at 5.30 pm PST we have the opportunity to hear the latest spiritual breakthroughs from Barbara Marx Hubbard on a free call she is giving hosted by The Shift Network called: :  Integrating Our Bodies of Light: The Next Phase of the Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary.

Barbara has been the most popular and important Shift teacher ever for a reason:  she is literally helping us pioneer a new possibility for our evolution.

Barbara calls this time the “birth of the Universal Human,” which is about the merging of our divinity and our humanity in a truly global consciousness that creates a whole new pattern for life.

Almost every day I’ve been getting new and exciting updates as she undertakes the sacred journey to this new level with a committed group of explorers.

She’s had some particular breakthrough experiences around “integrating our bodies of light” that she wants to share now.

This journey is about becoming a full-spectrum human, stretching from our physical bodies to a higher level that were foreshadowed by Jesus’ resurrection and teachings on the light body from the East.

If you’re curious about the next stage of our evolution, and committed to a spiritual journey that also engages the world in a profound way, this is a not-to-be-missed call event!

Register here for free:

I am personally excited for this call to hear Barbara’s latest insights as she demonstrates — at the age of 84 — an inspiring commitment to evolving further and sharing the fruits of her journey in a way that gives us powerful insights into walking our own paths.

Please join us here and spread the word to all the other conscious evolutionaries you know:




P.S. A personal note from Shift Network founder and close personal friend of Barbara’s Stephen Dinan: “Almost every day, Barbara has been receiving new and exciting information to share with you including some of the master codes that we all need as we seek to create the Shift to a new pattern for life on Earth. I can’t encourage you enough to join us for this call.” 
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P.P.S. A recording will be provided to everyone who registers!





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