Are You Suffering from Allergies?

This period of the year is often difficult for people who suffer with the awakening of nature and the pollen in the air. There is a simple exercise that can help you lower its impact or even  completely overcome the annoying symptoms like a runny nose, watery eyes,  sneezes,  itching and you  can competely forget that once you had to suffer so much.

The suggestions given by Master Chunyi Lin regarding allergies are: put a thumb on each temple , curve your fingers and – as  firmly as  is comfortable for you – raw the sides of your index fingers along your eyebrows from the inside edge to the outside edge. – Then draw the sides of the middle knuckles of your index fingers along the bone under your eyes. Alternate between massaging your eyebrows and massagging the bone under your eyes in this manner.

Put a smile on your face and visualize healing light coming through your fingers and helping you heal completely.Repeat this exercise 9 times But the excercise should be carried out slowly so that the nine times are done within five or more minutes each time. .You can do this exercise twice a day. The best times are in the morning and early evening.

I can really guarentee you that you will feel much better or completely healed. Just trust the wisdom of your body.

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