Yesterday I received an email from a friend of mine who has just written a ebook that you can download for free from amazon, that is, you can download it right now, I guess until Sunday .or Monday. Sandra said that it was free for five days starting yesterday, ie Thursday.

It is a short read and it gives you seven habits you can implement into your daily life. Seven habits that are easily to integrate into your daily routine.

What will these habits do for you, you may ask?

It is certainly a good question. These habits will help you live a better life. Sandra has split the seven habits over seven days. Every day a new habit. That doesn’t mean that you have to implement them directly day after day. I think it is better to implement the first habit slowly. It is about meditation. Sandra says that, if you never ever did a meditation before in your life, you might try to do one of 5 minutes on the first day. What topic  could you meditate on? That largely depends on you: it could be the beauty of a flower. It could be the fact that you are alive. It could just be about life in general. About the miracle of being. Maybe you find another topic you care about and that inspires you. Most importantly do your meditation with love, the love you feel for the topic that you like.

If you don’t like any of the above examples, just take a candle and meditate about its flame. Staring at a flame will calm you down. The main purpose of meditating at the beginning is just to calm down your stress, to deepen your breath. You will immediately feel better. You can go on doing meditations for a few days and adding some more minutes to the first five minutes  of the first day.

Sandra suggests you immediately after  waking up in the morning, do your meditation just as a preparation for the day that will develop over the next hours.  A meditation prepares your day.

I am not going to reveal all the other habits Sandra Bravo  describes in her book. They are all worth trying out or even better, implementing them  into your daily life.

I wish you a pleasant read. Download the book now that it is free. Changing habits, as I have many times said before, can have a high impactt on your life. It can mean a complete change of how you look at life. A complete betterment of your condition, of your feelings, of your emotions and of your approach to life. Definitely worth a try. And if by trying you feel that these habits help you master your anxieties, your frustrations, your outlook, then definitely it’s worth implementing the habits Sandra is exp’laining to you.

I wish you all the best.


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