Air and Anxiety

Air is our most important support for life. If there is no air there is no life.That is why it is vital to have a good air to breathe in. Good air can give us joy, bad air can bring us anxiety. If you are compelled to breathe in vicious air, try not to think of it.Your thoughts might poison it even more. As you know, our thoughts are powerful.

We are very often compelled to breathing in bad air. Bad air as such cannot kill us.Think of it when you are breathing in bad air. Be thankful that there IS air.Even polluted air can help us survive. Try to think what you can do in order to improve the air you breathe in. There are many things every single person can do. These many things add up and help cleanse our everyday air. For instance: stop engines when they are no longer used. Turn your car’s engine off  at the red light.

Have you ever thought of how many factors can influence the air you are breathing? If you start to think about them, you will be surprised. To start with, air is energy. If you want to keep your air clean, you will use good language, you will treat all living beings with respect. They are not only humans, but they may be animals, insects, flowers,  plants, trees, lakes, rivers and so on. Nature as such is a living being in all of its expressions. Respect them and they will respect you. Try to figure out what you have to change in order to feel the tranquility and ease you are longing for and which are essential for a better living. And be aware that it is your right to live without anxiety.

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