Again: Lightning Reading Speed


Let’s explore PhotoReading a bit more. You have certainly seen its value.
This method allows you to read your texts at 25,000 words per minute. How’s that? How is it possible you will ask?
When you were a little child, you learned to read. Letter by letter, word by word. This way, as we said before, you got proficient. Reading was no longer a challenge.
However, you need a lot of time to go through any text. Do you also retain it? Maybe yo do, maybe you do not. Depending on
your concentration and your memory.
PhotoReading is a completely different approach. Forget whatever you learned about reading. You don’t need it anymore.
Just trust the new method. It will give you all. It saves you time, it helps your memory,.Isn’t that awesome?
You can go through texts in no time at all, you. You can also read texts on the computer. The approach doesn’t change.
Now you will have an opportunity to learn the method free of charge. In fact, LearningStrategies is offering another free Fest.
This time it is dedicated to PhotoReading. How cool is that?
Tomorrow I will give you the link so that you can enroll, for free to the PhotoReadingFest,.


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