Simple Exercises to Enhance your Mental State

There are many simple exercises that help you stay better mentally, physically and spiritually. Many of them are so simple they are often overlooked. Who would ever have thought that our fingers have got all energy channels that run in our body?

By simply rubbing your fingers, you can change your mental state, your physical health and your spiritual well being.

The fabulous truth about this is that you can do this massage wherever you are. Nobody will notice it.

If you suffer from anxiety attacks, your thumb will help you to breathe with more ease. Simply rub it on both sides and the breaths become immediately deeper. Better and deeper breathing calms your nerves.

The little finger helps you in case of low blood pressure and the sensation of passing out. You can press the edge of the nail at the inner side of the little finger. Press hard. It hurts a bit but the result is amazing. Once you get aware that your heart has regained its normal beating, which is immediate, you feel good. Feeling good contributes to a better mental state.

A part from the fingers, massage your ears from top to bottom. By doing so, you will help all your organs to function well. In fact, on the outer ear, every single organ is represented and can be stimulated.

It is really fantastic that Mother Nature has gifted us with so many simple movements that can help us keep healthy and happy. Not only do these small exercises improve your mental state they also give you  a wealth of benefits for your body.

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