Your Thoughts and Feelings


Everybody is telling you that your thoughts become things and that if you continue to have negative thoughts these become negative facts.? Is this true?

Yes and no. Why so?

First of all, negative thoughts are not good for you. Especially if they are present all day long and are repeated continuously.

But, as long as these negative thoughts are just thoughts and nothing else, they don’t become a drama. By what is the drama caused?

It’s your feelings.

You can let pass by the negative thoughts and that’ s it. If you put emotions into your negative thoughts, everything changes. In fact, emotions is what moves us. They move us in the direction we give it. Negative emotions together with negative thoughts take you to a negative place or outcome.

Positive thoughts combined with positive feelings or emotions take you a step higher.

We are all moving forward whether we know it or not. But sometimes, when our thoughts are going into the wrong  direction, let’s say into the negative one, our step forward could be a step outside our central path. Our central path is like a guideline that will take us to the place we want to reach.

You have to make up your mind. Which direction would you like to move on? Towards a dream, towards a new job, a new house, towards love? These are all positive “things”. So be cautious. Think positive and add positive feelings.

Trust yourself and trust life. Life is never “bad” with us. It is what we make out of it. Even an apparently bad situation has its  good side. Do you know why? Because you have to learn something about yourself. If you take your setbacks with the knowledge that they will help you step forwards, everything gets  a new meaning.

Even if you are dealing with anxiety and you get a panic-attack  and can ‘t breathe or get sweaty hands or you all know what it makes you feel like, there is a teaching in that situation. First teaching: try to watch your thoughts.  Second teaching: Try to watch your feelings.

I know, at the beginning this is not easy. But go for it. Try and try and try it again.

You will finally win over your anxiety. It will no longer rule your life. This is the  fantastic outcome.

It shows you that you are greater and stronger than any odd feeling. This will not happen immediately. As with all habits, it takes  about 21 days or a bit  more to watch your thoughts and to watch your feelings before knowing for sure that they cannot beat you .That they no longer have any control over you.

I think it is a wonderful  journey. Your thoughts are becoming  more positive every day.

The same will happen for your emotions, for your feelings. It is not a straightforward journey. You may have days of doubt, days of negative feelings.

But i t is important to not give up. To just go ahead. You now know that you are stronger than what was before.

I wish you a lot of fun on your journey to an anxiety-free life.


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