Your Anxiety – Gone in 2013!


Did you make some New Year’s resolution? And did you think of your anxiety? How to overcome it, which easy ways you could use.

Did you think of the natural cures that are so helpful without any side effects?

You know that anxiety is disturbing you in many ways. It certainly would be a good thing to take into consideration the various hindrances  it has for you. Imagine a life without anxiety. It would certainly  be a much better life than that you are presently living.

Anxiety is part of every life but only if it is tied to a real danger. Once it overtakes all of  your actions, it is no longer good.

How can you check which kind of anxiety is accompanying your life?  You  can do it by  simply  asking yourself a few questions.

Try to figure out what disturbs you most. Ask yourself why this disturbs you. Is it a real danger? Is it something you fear for your future?

Is it something you think might happen?

Try to feel your anxiety and look straight in its eyes. You can do this by looking into a mirror and watching yourself. Then tell the one you look at  that everything is fine. That there is no danger. That life is not after you. That you love yourself. That you love life. Tell the face in the mirror that you love him/her . That the universe also loves him/her. Do this simple exercise every evening before going to bed. Say thanks that you are able to see and to watch yourself. This means that you are alive, that God/the Universe loves you. Life and therefore love  is a great gift.

This can turn your anxiety around and make you feel happy and joyous. Go for it. Do it every single day.



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