Have you ever thought about your life’s aim? We certainly don’t just come to this planet without a task. What would it be like to just come, eat, sleep, wake and do nothing else? It would just be an empty life. We all have a task, that is for sure. We often are not aware of what this might be.
However, as we are all the same, except for language, color of skin, continent we live in, or even country, the human beings are made of the same things. What is that “thing”? Is it matter, is it material or non material? Maybe it is just energy in different forms .Our human task? To love each other. To help each other.
Apparently many people have forgotten why they decided to come to Earch, otherwise there would not be so much suffering, pain and unhappiness around. You can find these negative emotions in almost all countries around the globe but in certain areas people know why they came to this planet. They are eager to help wherever it is needed. They seem to love even the “bad” people. I would call these helpers almost saints. They have understood what we are all here for.
We can do a lot to not only imitate them but just live as they do.. We can avoid bad language and use only good words.By doing so we better the atmosphere, the environment and ourselves together with our families and the planet. Think about it. Actually, do a meditation about these facts and you will feel that you are part of a loving universe.
With this thought for all of us,I wish you a fabulous start of the New Year which is just around the corner!

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