What is Mindful Meditation?

How does it relate to Anxiety?

Mindful meditation is when you sit without ”doing” anything. Your focus is on the present moment. You let go of your thoughts about the past and the future.

After this kind of meditation, you may find it easier to focus even when you are not meditating. Being mindful means to focus your attention on things in this very moment,

Everybody is busy. People often do many things at the same time: Just think of yourself: you are walking to the grocery store, making a shopping list and talking on the phone, all at the same time. When you are mindful, you do just one thing at a time. And you pay close attention to this one thing. Let’s take the first action:walking.How does the air feel against your skin? Is is warm, cool, dry, cold, moisty? How do your feet feel while hitting the sidewalk? Are they free or do they feel pressure? Are they at their ease within the shoes?

Walking in this way means walking mindfully. If this is true for walking, it’s true for everyone of your activities. It is a way of living every moment without being taken by stress or by anxiety.

It is certainly worth trying. It’s actually how we should live our life. No hassle, no stress, hence no anxiety. What a wonderful world and life, don’t you think so? Even if your anxiety is oppressing you now, this simple step can help you change your condition. It certainly is not the only step to take, but it is worth taking it.You can find other simple steps in m ebook Anxiety, Goodbye! which you can download from my site www.kissanxietygoodbye.com

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