What is Clutter and How Does it Interact with Anxiety?


Do you remember that I have been talking about clutter? Actually, I had been talking about clutter and anxiety. Here I am going to discuss the second form of clutter. Clutter is often seen with people who suffer from anxiety. Why so? Probably one cause is procrastination, also often seen in anxiety sufferers. Clutter and procrastination are often combined with anxiety. This second form of clutter is already a true suffering. It means that the person cannot get rid of old stuff.

They think that the stuff might come handy “later on”. In people who suffer of this form of clutter, “later on” can mean any time between now and 25 years or more ahead. So, if clutter is piling up, it will take up all available room in their homes. Obviously, life doesn’t get any easier with all that stuff around. Not only does it take physical room, but there are also unwanted vibes around, energy that should have been released long ago. Do you get the picture? It is best practice to eliminate old stuff every week. I mean old newspapers, magazines and the like. If you think that you are going to read them “later”, it will always be “later” and it will never happen. One has to be rigorous. If you are piling up your papers (also other papers, that are not necessarily newspapers) you will soon get into a mess. Paper creates dust. Then you get dust everywhere. Ultimately, you will get dust in your thoughts and anxiety might set in or get worse. Why? Because then you feel guilty. Guilty for not having cleaned your room or your house. There are natural cures for this state.- Your anxiety will mount if you feel guilty, but guilt doesn’t help you. Guilt is another creator of anxiety. Actually, what we should try to do, is to eliminate every cause that could create guilt and anxiety. I know, it is not easy to get out of this vicious circle. But it is worth it. If you suffer from this form of clutter, try to eliminate rigorously whatever you will not be using within the next 48 hours. And then, after that period of time, if it has not been used, throw it away. Once you have done it, you will feel the freedom from old stuff and from an anxiety creating situation and after all, it is an easy way to help yourself out of anxiety.

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