What Colors Do You Wear?

Did you know that colors have an influence on you? On your well-being and on your mood?
If you often wear black suits or black underwear you might get negative influences on your overall health,. Black is a non-color and its energy does not help you..
It is much better to wear bright colors. I would like to give you more information on this and I will do so if you like the idea.
Everbody has some colors they like or do not like. Very often it is your intuition that tells you which colors are beneficial and which are not.
However, do you know how your intuition works? and how you can improve your knowledge?
Not only colors are important for you but also directions.
If you are interested in knowing more about what can influence your daily life, let me know. I can help you. discover it.
Your daily life can be divided into four areas. One is your health, another one is your success. The third one is your relationships. The fourth one is the way you consider and live life. All these areas can be influenced. If you know how. All of these areas are important and they influence each other.
I would like to offer you a very personal reading. What I need from you is your birthdate and gender.On this basis I will elaborate a chart that shows you how to live better 2012. The new year is at your doorstep. It will be an important year. You will want to live it at your best. Your life will give you more joy and fulfillment if you take into consideration the knowledge I am going to give you.
If you want to get it, you can pay $19 into my paypal account and send me your information. Send it to me by December 30, 2011 and you will get your chart by January 10,2012.
For now I wish you a happy holiday season,

with love
Elisabetta, ereist@reistlingue.ch

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