What About Ungratefulness?

Have you ever thought that ungratefulness could affect your anxiety or viceversa?

If you did think of it, you were absolutely on the right track. Gratitude or any positive feeling can greatly influence our state of mind. And not only the state of mind, but our whole life. Especially if the positive thought is not a product of our mind but is born in our heart. Be aware that ungratefulness is really a destroying feeling. It is the thief of every positiveness in our life. If we are ungrateful, we are not happy, we are not healthy, we may suffer a lack of money, we may be without a job.

We create daily or even every second waves of bad feelings, not only for ourselves but for everybody around us. If you are ungrateful, try to change this for you. Try not to criticise everybody and everything. Try to see a chance in everything which occurs to you, and not a misfortune. It is just the way you look at things that changes the way things look at you. If you look at things with joy, things will turn out to give you joy. If you look at things with anger, things will return you anger. It’s so simple.

If you are aware of this, ungratefulness is no longer a choice. It can’t be a choice. Ungratefulness will bring with it all sorts of unpleasant things. Ungratefulness doesn’t pay. It only creates unhappiness, anxiety, bad health, and all sorts of “bad luck”.

Gratefulness, if heartfelt , is the big winner. It turns your thinking, your feeling, your acting into your allied helpers. The outcome of them is your winning in the long run. It is winning over your anxiety. It is overcoming your bad feelings and your stress. Try to control your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.These factors determine the quality of your life.

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