Trust Yourself!

This is really the best advice I ever received. You will love what I am going to explain to you.

In fact, if you do not trust yourself, you will always be suspicious. Not only for yourself. You will not trust anybody.

To trust oneself, it not only a necessity, it is the basis of living a good life.

To trust oneself means to listen to your heart’s voice.

Your heart hosts the library of life. It knows everything that helps you live a good life. And that helps you move forward.

It is possible that you don’t listen to your heart. If you suffer from anxiety, you probably do not listen to it

In fact, your heart is the guardian of unconditional love and of all wisdom.  Love and anxiety cannot exists together because anxiety is the absence of trust. If you trusted your heart, you would not feel anxiety.

Your heart is also the guardian of the major part of your energy. Can you imagine that your mind has only 10’% of the energy whereas your heart has got the remaining 90%? This means that it is your advisory board, as you would say for a company’s decisions.

If you listen to your heart, your decisions are helpful for you. They will be helpful for the harmony of all of us, including the whole world.

If, on the other hand, you just take a decision with your mind without listening to your heart, the decision might be a mistake.

Your heart is the subconscious mind that does not judge. That is why listen to your heart is so crucial. Your mind might take decisions that hurt somebody, first of all you , and secondly other people or even the world.

Actually, the human, taken as an energy being, consists of three parts.

First there is the physical body that helps us carry out our tasks.

You decided to come into this world to carry out what you considered to be your tasks. That can also be your passion.

Whatever you carry out with passion, you will do it with your whole power.

The second part is your mind. Your mind takes the decisions. It has got ten percent of the power. Use it wisely.

The best is if you rely on your third part,  that is the heart. The heart contains your soul, your inner god, your unconditional love.

You can trust your heart,  listen carefully to what it is telling you. It has no judgment- Therefore, if your decisions made by the sole mind, are not wise and will not carry you forward, the heart does not tell you not to make them as it is not judgmental.


To listen to your heart is a lifelong job. In our busy world, we sometimes forget that our mind is mostly success-oriented and we will do whatever it takes to achieve success. As such success is certainly valid. If it is a success that benefits everybody, it is even more valuable. Then it will take into consideration not only the mind’s decision but also the advice of the heart.

To trust your heart’s voice, means to trust yourself because YOU reside in your heart.

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