Tips on Loving Yourself -Love Yourself First

Whether you believe it or not. Loving yourself is the answer to any struggle you might have. Many people say that they are not able to love themselves. When you belong to this group, just follow the little steps I am giving you here. You will see that within a short time you understand what it means to love yourself and you will do it.  What does it mean to love oneself? We have never been taught to love ourselves, although this is contained in all sacred texts. Most people have grown up with somebody who  nagged on them.

To love yourself means to be gentle with yourself, to celebrate whenever you do something you can be proud of.

To love yourself means also to , whatever your work is, do it without moaning that you do not love it.

Here  are a few tips on how to love yourself.

You are the most important person in the world. Not only for yourself, but for many people around you. Be aware of this importance and say thanks. Thank the universe, thank God or thank whatever or whoever represents the Supreme Entity for you. To consider yourself as the most important person for yourself does not mean to brag, it means to thank.

Gratitude is the first step to loving yourself. Say thanks also to the people around you .

Love your body that gives you the possibility to live your life. Love it by giving it the care it needs and it deserves. Give it the sleep it needs, feed it the good nutrition that helps the body fulfill his task with no difficulties.

Look in the mirror and  tell yourself that you love what you see.

This is an exercise that brings you love and gratitude if you do it every day: when looking into the mirror you tell yourself that you acknowledge the tasks you have carried out  well today and say thanks to yourself.

You will find at least 5 tasks that you fulfilled well.

Then forgive yourself for things you forgot to carry out or did not do to your satisfaction.

The third step is to promise to yourself that the next day you will carry out at least five tasks. These may be tasks that you have postponed for a certain time but they may also include tasks that are new and you have never done them before.

The last step is to smile and tell yourself, that you love and accept yourself as you are.

You are lovable.  You are ok. Just accept yourself.

Do this exercise every single day. You will see that your life will change accordingly.

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