The Law of Allowance

Do you know which law this is? Have you ever heard of it? Do you think it has something to do  with  the law of Attraction? You might be right.

This is one of the Universal Laws.

What do you think it is about? Allowance, what do you
want to allow?

This law helps us to accept the other person. We often criticize somebody because they behave in a way that does not respect what we believe is “right”. They think and act differently from what we are used to.

Are they wrong? Probably not. They certainly think that they are right. And they are right for how they think.

You certainly know that everybody has got some patterns, mainly thought and habit patterns. Sometimes we are irritated by other people’s patterns. It happens to everybody. Allow others to think what they love to think and thank them for how they are. You do not have to express this loudly. You just allow it and thank them in your heart.

Then: there is something else where this law applies. If you are irritated by other people’s behavior because they reflect something that is also inside you, say thanks in your heart. Say thanks for this mirror, thanks
that you are learning something new about yourself. This “something” may be an illness you had suffered in the past. You may have hated that illness. Why did it happen to you? It probably needed to teach you something. Now that you understand it, embrace that illness (even if it is no longer present), thank it  for what it has taught you and let it go. You will feel much stronger and lighter afterwards. It is the allowance of a state inside of yourself that you acknowledge but that you now let go. You will feel happy about the change that just took place inside your heart. This allowance is so powerful. The law of
allowance does not judge and it helps you to let go of judgments. If you use this law, you will accept other people just as they are and behave and no longer judge them. To arrive at this point is an achievement that you can celebrate within yourself. This is not something that you do once and it is there forever. You will see that it is going to take some time before you move this
step automatically and it will have become part of yourself. However, the freedom you gain, is worth every effort. Go for it!

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