Some Considerations About Help for Anxiety



As you know I am here to help you find your way out of anxiety. I know how crippling this feeling can be as I have been suffering from it for years on end. In the course of the years, however, I have found many easy ways that can help. First of all, it is important to realise that you have got these feelings. Maybe that your family or co-workers are not even aware of your sufferings. If they are aware but have never suffered themselves, you won’t get any help from them because they have no idea of what you are going through.

What would you give for being freed from anxiety? How  would you expect to live after having overcome this feeling? Some people cannot understand how they would live without this feeling.

It has become part of their way of living and of being. However, you will admit that living in freedom would be much better. You would no longer suffer from sweaty hands, your heartrate would be regular, your sleep would be deep and you would not try to not  go to bed because of fear that “something” could happen. Help for anxiety is helping you out of these patterns. .In fact, all these fears that mount up in you, are thought  patterns that have built up over time.  If you could move around freely. No fear of having another attack, no fear of not being up to “standard”, having the impression that “something” might be wrong with yourself.  All these thoughts that are just contributing to your anxiety instead of  giving you the easy steps to overcoming it.  You all know them. One of the easy ways to overcome anxiety is to watch your thoughts. Whenever a thought comes up that could trigger an anxiety attack, step back. Watch the thought and understand that you can change it. The anxiety triggering thought is negative. It is not of the kind of energy that helps you find your way out of it. Try to change it into positivity. This means when you think, just as an example: “I don’t like to go to work”,  “I hate my job” . Try to say to yourself: “I like my work. It gives me the freedom to buy food, clothes and whatever I need”. You will see that your whole attitude towards life makes a shift.

You may tell me that it is not your work but it is something you don’t even know what it  is that triggers your anxiety. Fine. Try to figure out what this “something” is. Once you think to have it found, look at it from all angles, find the negative sides, find the positive ones.

You will soon discover that there are much more positive things to what you thought was only negative. Smile at them. Smile at yourself. Smiling is healing. A smile relaxes the whole body.

A relaxed body will not feel anxiety. And much less will the relaxed mind.

Try to use these easy steps. If you want to learn more easy steps to overcome anxiety, download my ebook: Anxiety, Goodbye!


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