Small Changes…

do you remember one of my posts where I was talking about words and their meaning?
About how much importance every spoken (or thought) word has? It’s a good thing because today I want to talk to you about the small changes that make a big difference. You may have heard this sentence in the past. You may have wondered what these small changes might be.
I would like to tell you that these small changes affect your way of looking at the world, at yourself and at everything around you. They are so powerful.
You don’t have to take all the steps at the same moment. Take one step after another. One little change after the next little change.
You can find all these little steps in my ebook “Releasing Anxiety, Inviting Peace: small changes that make a difference”.
You will be surprised at what I am going to offer you: download the ebook from “ /kindle store on Saturday 08.08.2015 at the small price of only US$00.99. On Sunday the price will increase a little and be US$ 1.99. My offer is valid for full 5 days. The best deal is on Saturday. It starts at 00.01 a.m. PDT and lasts for a full day. The Sunday deal is still very good, actually all deals for the five days are good: You never pay the full price. And what’s best: if you prefer the printed book, you can have the ebook for free.
Once again: small changes make a big difference. The challenge is yours.
The offer is mine. At
I wish you all the best

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