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You may all know what the Shift Network is. It is an important association  helping all of us remain connected with ourselves and with the Universe. To do this, many worldwidely known speakers and teachers offer webinars or teleseminars. All their speakers intend to help us get free from anxiety, and get a life full of bliss and joy. It is easy to achieve if you follow the steps indicated.

This is the case again tomorrow night, Tuesday May 14, 2013  when Lisa Nichols will speak to our hearts. She does it as a service to the world and it is therefore free of charge.

You may register here:

Remember, you only have to register to get on the call but you don’t pay anything.

The whole message is what follows:
“We’ve got a powerful free online event for you nthis week designed to propel   you forward in your ability to deliver your divine message to the world.

It features Lisa Nichols who is the most room-shaking, heart-opening   speaker we know. She stands in her naked truth, calling you into your greatness with a no-holds barred style that leaves you laughing, crying, and  committed to get into motion.

What you may not know about Lisa, who was made globally famous because of The Secret is just how much spiritual depth this woman has.

While she often speaks to large, popular audiences and on TV, this  week she’s   going to pull back the veil on some of her most intimate and empowering   spiritual insights about how YOU can become a divine messenger of the highest order.

When I (Stephen Dinan) first met her, I had low expectations, thinking she was too   “pop.” But she blew me away as she did spontaneous, extremely   effective laser-coaching with some of the most influential transformational   teachers out there.  My wife was so impressed she signed up for a year   of mentorship with her (which has been amazing).
This week, she’ll   be offering as-yet-unshared secrets that allowed her to go from welfare   to a 7-figure business while touching millions of lives.

The call will not be about you becoming a famous speaker (although that’s  great if it does). It’s about becoming more and more able to speak your   heart’s truth with conviction, authenticity, and radical love so that you can  inspire people with your vision, your business, your services, or simply be a force for awakening and healing.

It’s about each of us letting our soul force pour through in a way that ignites others. It’s about each of us being messengers for God/Spirit/the   Divine.

We enticed her to get much more spiritually raw in this event than she ever   has – really let people into her soul and how she channels the kind of energy she does.

We attend something called the Transformational Leadership Council with many of the top teachers of transformation. And Lisa stands out in her ability to  call us skillfully and powerfully into our most masterful self.

week, she’ll teach you how to harness the power of your own stories in a  way that rivets audiences, customers, allies and partners.

You’ll discover   Lisa’s secrets to delivering your divine message, carrying out your   soul’s assignment, and standing boldly in your essence and absolute  brilliance.

Take aways include:

  • How to give yourself complete permission to speak your divine message loud and clear-no matter what past mistakes you may  have made or stories you’ve been living out.
  • How to be a clear and convincing conduit for your divine assignment-even when it’s “inconvenient.”
  • The ways you were “born ready” to complete your assignment, and how to begin delivering your divine message TODAY – regardless of fear, ego, or scorekeeping.
  • Ways to engage (and re-engage) the  “muscles” of your character to create a powerful, authentic message that world will respond to.
  • A solution for shedding the shame and blame and  various “isms”-so that you finally can PLAY BIG.
  • Why delivering your divine message is   “non-negotiable” and how to sit with the discomfort and  mystery of carrying out your assignment in your “full-wattage” splendor.
  • How to convey your message transparently and with  emotional “nakedness” that is irresistible to the people who most need to hear it-and receive the bounty of your precious gifts.

So do join us to become an irresistible force…. for the good of yourself and of our world!”

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