Shamanic Dreaming

Shamans have known for millennia that dreams can open a portal to rapid healing, guidance from the “higher” levels of reality and the wisdom of our ancestors — information that can have an immediate positive impact on your life and even help heal our planet.
If you’ve suspected that these powerful healers were right and that your dreams do hold greater possibilities for you than your waking life, then I’m thrilled to connect you to a special online presentation featuring dreamwork expert Robert Moss, who is also the bestselling author of Dreaming the Soul Back Home and 13 other books on the transformative power of dreams.
On Wednesday, July 22, Robert will present a FREE online event: Shamanic Dreaming in the Iroquois Tradition: An Initiation into Healing, Wisdom & Human Survival.

You can register here:
During this complimentary hour, you’ll discover:
• How to recognize the secret wishes of your soul in the content of your dreams
• The mystical powers of time-travel, and how to bring them to consciousness How to remember and live the deeper story of your life
• How to consciously transcend every-day reality so that you can tap the healing and wisdom of higher realities
I invite you to join me for this mind-expanding hour that can open your life to new possibilities and the magic of shamanic dreaming.

Register now:

PS- Robert is a brilliant and fascinating teacher and will share a little-known lineage of shamanic dream practice from the Iroquois people that will challenge your very understanding of reality. Register now and receive a downloadable replay:

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