The Four Pillars of Authentic Awakening

The Four Pillars of Authentic

In a sea of “look-alike” spiritual teachers, every once in awhile a face emerges who holds and delivers something radically different than what has come before.

That face is Thomas Huebl, a rising star in the Integral movement, and I’m excited to extend an invitation to you to discover his profound and contemporary approach on the modern-day spiritual path.

Please make a commitment to join me and thousands of fellow modern-day mystics for the requested encore presentation of Thomas Huebl’s:

The Four Pillars of Authentic Awakening:   
How to Free Yourself from the Limitations of Ego and 
Create an Enlightened Relationship with Life

This FREE call, sponsored by The Shift Network, originally aired Wednesday and received such accolade that a scheduled encore replay has been set up for Saturday, February 16, 10am Pacific | 11am Mountain I 12pm (noon) Central I 1pm Eastern

Register here:

According to Thomas, inner stillness and other benefits old traditions afford is only half the equation of authentic transformation.

The other half is “movement,” competently facing and embracing the constant change that IS life.

Thomas’s intuitive style of teaching cuts like a laser light to the essence of the matter: Fully awakening in the 21st century is not only a question of finding your center and rising above the limitations of ego; you must “innovate” in every moment as you engage in the rigors of daily life.

You don’t want to miss this, your final opportunity, to hear Thomas’ fresh and enlivened approach to spiritual awakening:

Elisabetta Reist

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