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It certainly depends on the exercise. Small, I said. In fact, the exercises chosen by Chunyi Lin, the Master of SpringForest QiGong, are small. They are also effective. You can even do them while lying on the floor or on your bed. Chunyi Lin says that even five minutes a day of his small exercises can do wonders. And he is absolutely right. His first exercise is simple. When standing, let your hands hang on both sides of your body, keep the fingers slightly open and close your eyes. Say in your mind: I am in the Universe, the Universe is in my body, the Universe and I combine together. Stand still. Just feel the energy. Feel the stillness within yourself. And feel the stillness outside of yourself. Try to feel this stillness for some minutes. You will be surprised. In fact, after a few minutes, your mind will be calm. You go deep ibto your Self. It is like a meditation. If you wear a smile on your face, the effect is even stronger. How do you feel it? Your whole body gets relaxed! You can feel this relaxation in every cell of your body. You see, Chunyi Lin is right. A few small exercises change your world. Or better, they change the way you look at the world. And your look is changed by the state of your mind. You are calm. Was that not what you have been looking for? Your mind without anxiety! In fact, it is your mind that has got the power.

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