Love, Liebe, Amore, Amor

You all know these words, everybody in their own language. But what does the word mean to you? First of all you probably intend the word that means community of the family and then the bond between a man and a woman, or between parents and their children. But if you are honest with yourself, you mean sex.
Sex can be love, but it not necessarily is. Sex has taken another meaning: it is a consumer good. How does this sound? It’s no good but nowadays it is often the truth. Think of all the girls and women abused all over the world.
The Love I would like you to think of, is that of the Universe, of God, of Jesus Christ, of Allah, of Buddha or Whoever the Supreme Entity is for you. The most profound emotion that’s not just passing you by. This Love is here forever and it is here for everyone. Maybe that you had just been thinking of it during the holiday season. The supreme Love is not meant to appear and then disappear, to come to us during the holiday season and be absent in the remainder of the year. No. It is always present and it is present to help you live a happier life. To not feel anxiety, to not worry. It is here to support you, to support all of us. That is why I would like you to send Love to all the men who are treating other humans in a bad way,by mistreating them, by asking enormous amounts of money from them to take them to a secure place and leave them in the midst of the open sea, without anybody who can take them to the secure land.
All of them, the people who take all the possessions from others in order to take them to a “secure place” and then abandon them where nobody can give them a shelter, they all need lots of love, they need to feel in their heart that they are doing wrong. They can feel it only if we send them love and not hatred.
You are aware of the law of attraction. The more hatred we send out to them,the more wrong they will do. To help our world and all its inhabitants, be humans and others, we all must send out Love and live Love.Not only for a moment, but always. I trust that you understand the message. Thank you all for your love and blessings.

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