Got Guidance? Open to higher wisdom


What if receiving intuition and higher guidance was something you could count on?  Really count on like the morning news or the sun rising in the east?


Unfortunately for most of us, higher guidance feels more sporadic, almost like a miraculous occurrence instead of something that is simply there whenever you seek it.  You likely have moments when an intuitive ‘hit’ comes to you, helping you make a choice or move into action in a unique way, but what if those moments were more frequent – even on demand?


If living with a consistently open channel to higher guidance sounds exciting, I’m thrilled to share with you global change agent and internationally renowned expert on higher purpose, Tim Kelley.   Tim has shared his techniques with CEOs of multinational corporations, political leaders, billionaires and global change agents – and now, you have an opportunity to learn Tim’s life-changing process via a FREE tele-seminar called: The 5 Steps to Accessing Higher Guidance: How to Reliably Open Your Channel to Divine Wisdom, Lead a Flourishing Life and Make your Greatest Contribution.


During this seminar, happening Saturday, November 23rd at 10 am Pacific , Tim will reveal:


•          The three different types of sources that can provide clarity about your path (and which one will work best for you!)

•          The two key obstacles that prevent more than 99% of people from having clear access to divine guidance (and how to remove them!)

•          Four different connection methods you can use on your own (and which ones have the highest rates of success!)

•          How to most effectively deepen your connection to your guidance over the next two months

Tim is passionate (and intense!) about guiding people committed to making the world a better place into a personal relationship with direct guidance that is verifiable, clear, repeatable, and grounded in actual results. /go/higherguidance/Elisabetta

If you’d like to discover how to open to more consistent guidance so you can live your purpose with grace and walk your path with confidence, I can’t recommend this call highly enough!  Click here for details and to register (it’s FREE):

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