first of all an apology: I am so sorry that I have  not been able to connect with your for such a long time. In fact, I had to move my office space and obviously also the computer.

This took a far too long time for various reasons I am not going to explain. I can only say that it was difficult to stay on top of the whole move and being cut out and unable to get in touch with others.

Now, everything is fixed and I am back. I do hope that you had a good time without being ridden by anxiety. I know from myself that Autumn can be difficult to navigate through due to anxiety.

But it does not have to be this way. You know by now that there are a lot of little tricks  that help to move out of anxiety within a short time. But they only help if you  apply them!  Do you remember the deep breathing? Three deep breaths that free you almost immediately from the grip of anxiety. Just watch how your breath moves your belly and feel how liberating this is. If this is not enough, you may also do this: start on your left hand and with the nail of your thumb you touch beneath the nail of your middle finger and say “I am love”. Actually, you tap  this spot three times when saying “I”, tap  “am”, tap  “love”, tap. You then repeat this procedure on your index finger, on your ring finger, then you use your index finger to do the same on your thumb and finally you do it on your pinky finger. Then you change hand and repeat the sentence in the same sequence  with  all fingers of the right hand. Then you repeat the whole procedure three time starting again on the left hand. After that you will feel much better. Your vibes will have changed and your mood will be up.  Do this whenever you feel the need. It is very powerful and helps also the overall health because love is the most poweful  force that is.

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