Fear or Anxiety

A few weeks ago I received a comment stating that fear and anxiety are two different words for the same feeling. I have then discussed this statement with other people. We were not all of the same opinion, however, most of them think that these terms relate to different feelings; i.e. that fear is something regarding facts whereas anxieties are more abstract.

For me, the statement of fear equal to anxiety was quite new. In fact, according to my findings and to my experience, fear is an unpleasant emotion created by danger or by something unpleasant expected to happen.The expected event is painful or dangerous. But it has still to happen. Fear although related to things or events, doesn’t help to solve the situation.

Anxiety, on the other hand, is a feeling that stems from doubts, from uncertainty and from mistrust. Who doubts everything or mistrusts whoever crosses his road, is certainly not settled in himself, in other words, he/she suffers from low self-esteem. There are many forms of anxiety and their origins are often uncertain. Some pop up out of the blue. They are painful, especially if the sufferer has no clue where they stem from.Help can be found in psychotherapy or in the newer methods of Energy Psychology. The first one might require a lot of time because it searches for the roots, the second group of methods have another approach. For them the why of fears and anxiety is no longer so important. The pain of both can often be reduced quickly and fear and anxiety can be removed within a short time.

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