Energy vs. Vibrations

You certainly know that everything in the universe is energy. Therefore, also anxieties are energy. Energy cannot only have various forms but also various values. These values are the vibrations emitted by people or by things.

Your anxiety makes you feel as if you were in prison. It’s the vibes that you emit which give you this feeling. It’s the anxiety itself which emits vibes that do not feel good. As your feelings keep you in a state of frustration, you would like to escape. You CAN escape. This is the good news. However, it is not by resisting your anxiety. If you continue to resist it, it will increase. Only by admitting that there is this anxiety, will allow you to face it and to start your work on it. Standard treatment is to deny anxiety.

To not permit it to express itself.Now it is possible to embrace anxiety, to look in its face and then to release it. You can do so by changing the thoughts and the feelings about anxiety. Take the anxiety in your arms, feel its vibrations and know that its vibrations can be changed. By this change,which you create by implementing little and easy steps, your vibrations get into a higher level. On this higher level, anxiety does no longer exist.This change does not happen overnight, it will take some time.

But it does happen. Just don’t give in. If you allow positive feelings to enter into your life, you are on the right track. Go ahead and free yourself!

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