Do You Worry All Day Long?


Anxiety is also worrying, isn’t it? If you are anxious and have your anxiety attacks, you probably worry very often. You worry thinking of things that might happen, and who knows whether they will ever happen.

Do you know what? You are wasting your energies. You are not living in the moment.

In fact, your life takes place NOW. The past is the past and you cannot change it. The future is unknown.

To worry about the future doesn’t bring any good to you.

Live in the moment. It is the only time that is given to you now. What will be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or in a month’s time or in a year’s time, is not important now. I don’t say that you shouldn’t plan your life. I only say that it is no good to worry about what could happen. If what you are worrying about will happen, you will also have the means to face it. Worrying means you don’t trust the future. Worrying means that you don’t trust yourself. You can trust yourself in any given moment. So, forget what the future could bring. Live this moment. Give your best to do what you are doing.

Giving always your best in whatever you are asked to do,  is the first step that will help you overcome your worries. And it will also help you in overcoming your anxieties.

Every sacred text tells you not to worry; they tell you that no other creature worries. It is only humans that do not trust life. Are you one of them? Start now to trust life, to trust your Self and don’t worry any longer. Enjoy life. And life will respond accordingly.

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  2. I agree with this article completely. As a trained stress advisor myself I come across many people who seem to make worry a major part of their lives and then they wonder why they are so unhappy.

    the trouble is worry can become a habit and one that can creep up on you. before you know it, you have stopped enjoying life and just see everything as a problem or an issue.

    My own family are what i call born worriers and I have seen this build into other stress related illness such as depression and panic attacks.

    Learning to refocus your thoughts and your daily habits is key to reducing the affects of stress in your life.

  3. Will you get mad if I quote your article in my monthly newsletter? I think your topic suits my audience perfectly. Well, thanks for writing this.

  4. hi, you can certainly quote my article in your monthly newsletter. Maybe you can add the source. Thanks and, maybe we could exchange links and content, what do you think?

  5. Hi, thanks for you valuable comment. You are absolutely right, worry and stress are dangerous if you are not able to focus on positive things.

  6. I want to show some thanks to this writer just for bailing me out of this type of difficulty.

  7. Hi, thanks for your comment. I am happy that this post helped you out. I am trying to deliver good content that may help people to grow

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