Do You Want More Color Meditations?

As you cannot answer it right now, I will give you some more ideas. Color meditations can be done in any moment. They do not require much time and they are very helpful because they strengthen the various virtues in us. They also help us focus on positive things which we so urgently need

Let’s start with lilac. It stands for RELEASE. Capital letters for this important word, or better for its meaning.

Once we are able to release, we can waive our anxiety goodbye. To release is not so easy, I know, but it is very healthy and helpful. Once we are able to release our stresses and anxiety, life becomes much easier.

And once we have released our invalidating anxieties, we are open to healing and to abundance. Abundance in every field of our life. This means freedom, health,financial and economic independence.And it also means gratitude. To focus on abundance and healing, our color is emerald. Emerald is a warm green color which is also very soothing. We can focus on this color in every moment as it is the case with all colors I have described so far.

Happy meditation and happy releasing!

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