Do You Really Love Yourself?

Have you ever thought of this: the more you love yourself the better is your health, your overall wellbeing, your relationships, your wealth. Everything in your life gets better once you have discovered that loving oneself is essential.

I know, we were all taught differently. They said that loving oneself was a sin. It was not ethical. Or whatever they told you.

They didn’t know better. Why? Religions, or better the teachers of various religions said so.

But: self-love will positively transform all areas of your life. In fact, it means greater happiness, peace, empowerment for yourself.It means giving and receiving, it means improved relating with all. It will help you manifest greater success in whatever area of life you can think of.

Love is a magnet that attracts the best of everything.

Not only can you access love in your heart, you can also develop it. Thanks to this, your life  becomes brighter and abundance will show in all areas and in all ways.

In the light of this regained self-love, you will realize that you are not only darkness, failings or mistakes. You will understand that your negative self-beliefs are due to misunderstandings about yourself and life. You can change these false beliefs.

Your true nature and the loving nature of the universe are hidden by the lies that the ego presents to you with traps like guilt, shame, judgment.

It also told you that you do not deserve  any goodies..

Once you have nourished your self-love enough and awaken to your true nature, you can no longer live without  self-love

Next time I will talk about ways to help you understand where your wrongs came from and what to do to quickly access and embrace your self-love.






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