Do you have many ideas?

Today I was reading a book that was talking about having ideas. There are people who have lots of good ideas and others that have none or very few.
This morning it came to my mind that having “unconventional” ideas can save you from difficult situations. Let me explain. When I got up, the electricity was working everywhere in my flat. When I wanted to prepare a cup of coffee,there was no electricity in my kitchen. What had happpened? I went to see whether my washing machine was working or not.Dark everywhere. It had stopped working.
As far as my kitchen and the coffeemachine was concerned I went to see the valves and found out that it was in the wrong position. I put it in the right one and boom: in my kitchen elecricit had come back but not so for my washing machine. So I had my cup of coffee and tried to make out what the other problem was. I didn’t have a clue. (Now, it’s almost evening, I still haven’t). I do hope that somebody else had found out with a good idea. Then I was already late to go to the office. And guess what? I was not able to lock the door. The humidity in the air had filtered into the wooden door and I was not able to turn my key in its hole. What could I do? Call he office that I would not be able to arrive? It suddenly occurred to my mind that I might well try to turn the key with the help of my nutcracker. I did it gently in order not to break the key. And I really managed to lock the door.
Why do I tell you this story?: Never give up. Even if the situation seems to be difficult, there is always a solution.
Just let your ideas flow and the solution will turn up.
If you read my book ” Releasing Anxiety, Inviting Peace: Small changes that make a Difference”, you will understand that it often doesn’t take a lot to change a situation!

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