Can You be Happy with Anxiety?

I was asked this question and certainly answer yes, you can be happy even if you suffer from anxiety. Of course, your happiness must be built up little by little, if you want to be happy at the same rate as you feel anxiety. Whereas  anxiety comes its way without special warning,  happiness needs an input. You can give that input daily with little things to be happy about. If you do it steadily, your happiness can grow and become your companion whereas your anxiety will be less and lesser. There are ways  to  reach this goal. Its a way of little steps . Take them daily. Be happy about the small things that come your way, be it at home, be it at work or on your way to work. When you follow this way of building up happiness, it will stay with you and grow every day. You will get aware that being happy is much better than waiting for the next anxiety attack. If you are happy from the inside out, anxiety is no longer so strong and it will happen less often. True happiness cones from your heart and does not depend on outer happenings.  Outer things can  help to increase your feeling of happiness. Let them show up and you will see more of them every day!

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  1. OMG enjoyed reading this blogpost. I submitted your feed to my google reader!

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